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Business Solutions - Jiwa Financials

Lonicera has been implementing and supporting Jiwa Financials since 1997. Many of our clients have been supported by Lonicera since that time.

Jiwa Financials is a 100% Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server ERP solution containing all the ledgers and functions expected of modern accounting systems.

Some of the key points that distinguish Jiwa from its competitors are:

Exceptional Access to Information - Jiwa provides fast access to "user specific" on-screen information and exceptional reporting to improve decision making, customer service and sales
Provision of efficient "real-time" processes that reduce staff time - especially in inventory control, backorder processing, purchasing, sales order entry, invoicing and importing.
Accurate Stock Costing and Tracking
Efficient General Ledger & Cashbook functions
Data Integrity and Software performance - even with massive transaction volume and user numbers

Contact us now to arrange a demonstration

Visit Jiwa Financials website www.jiwa.com.au to see more.